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Wadden Sea Harbour Terschelling sailing advice

The western Wadden Sea area offers wonderful sailing, for both sailboats and motorboats. Always be well prepared, and follow the sailing advice below.

  • Use the current 1811.3 sea chart of the western Wadden Sea area.
  • Take safety precautions such as having a marine radio, life jackets and emergency signals.
  • Check the weather forecast and pay special attention to the wind forecast.
  • Choose the right departure time to benefit as much as possible from the (often strong) ebb or flood tide.
  • Follow the buoyed fairways for a safe route to Wadden Sea Harbour Texel.
  • Keep your marine radio on standby and listen in for weather reports.

Route to Wadden Sea Harbour Terschelling

From Kornwerderzand: follow the buoyed route via the Boontjes, the fairway along the Pollendam, a short stretch of the Vliestroom, West Meep, Slenk and Schuitengat to the harbour. From half tide you can also take the shorter route via Vliestroom and Schuitengat.

Departure from Harlingen 2 hours after high tide. Listening-in (compulsory) to VHF Channel 2 from the Vliestroom to the entrance to the port of Terschelling.

The most recent depth tables

Because the depth in the fairways changes constantly, new depth tables are published several times a year. You will find the most recent versions here.


In March 2017, Motorboot magazine described how to sail from the inland waterways to the Wadden Sea ports of Terschelling and/or Vlieland with your motorboat.

Click here for a download.

Sloep! published how to sail with your sloop to Terschelling and/or Vlieland.

Click here for a download.

Marine radio channels in the Wadden area (Terschelling)

  • Channel 18: Kornwerd Sluis
  • Channel 11: Harlingen Port Authority
  • Channel 2: Brandaris Traffic Control Centre

Listening-in mandatory on approaching Terschelling and Vlieland

Weather and shipping reports 30 min. after each odd hour

  • Channel 31: Terschelling Jachthaven
  • Channel 12: Municipal Port of Terschelling
  • Channel 16: Coastguard Centre

Emergency, urgent and safety traffic

Storm warnings

Weather announcement

  • Channel 4: Central Reporting Station Wadden Sea

Reporting pollution, missing fairway markings, disruptions to nature, and information on the weather and the Wadden Sea.

  • Channel 5: Schiermonnikoog Marine Traffic Centre

Current shipping information

Weather reports at 9:00, 14:00 and 19:00

If not manned you will be redirected to Channel 4

  • Channels 23 and 83: Den Helder Coastguard

The Wadden Sea World Heritage Site is a unique nature reserve.

Nature and the tides make sailing on the Wadden Sea (Waddenzee) World Heritage Site a real experience. The Wadden Sea is also vitally important for many birds, fish and mammals. They need the ability to look for food undisturbed, to rest, to breed and to raise their young.

Sailing safely and responsibly on the Wadden Sea with respect for nature.

That’s why the WADDEN SEA SAILING GUIDE has been developed – the Code of Honour for sailing safely and responsibly on the Wadden Sea and for enjoying it without disturbing nature.
Click here for this SAILING GUIDE and print it out for on-board use.

The partnership of the Wadden ports on the islands. Read more...

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