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Wadden Harbour Ameland

Wadden Sea Harbour Ameland sailing advice

Ameland is the only Wadden Island that cannot be reached from a port on the mainland without crossing tidal divides. A tidal divide or water front is the place where the tidal currents from east and west around the island meet. There you will find the shallowest part of the water with the least current. You should take into account a maximum draught of approximately 1.40 metres at high tide.

Route to Wadden Sea Harbour Ameland

When sailing from east to west (or vice versa) along the Wadden Islands, it is usually not possible to pass two tidal divides in one tide, unless you go via the North Sea. This means that you are forced to call at the port of Nes. You can pass the tidal divide around high tide.

  • From Schiermonnikoog and Lauwersoog, follow the route across the tidal divide via Paesenrede, Wierumer Wad, Friesche Wad and Zuiderspruit. Then the Veerbootgat and through the Reegeul passage along the ferry landing stage.
  • From Terschelling, you have to cross the tidal divide below Terschelling via the Oosterom, then the sandbar in Borndiep through which the ‘Blauwe Balg’ passes. This protected fairway lies in the so-called Article 17 area (of the Nature Protection Act) and may only be crossed from 15 May to 1 September, from 3 hours before high tide until 2 hours after high tide. Then via the Molengat and the Reegeul to the port.
  • From Harlingen, you must reckon with a fairly long stretch across the tidal divide. Follow the Kimstergat, the Vingegat, the Zwarte Haan fairway, the Dantziggat, Kikkertgat and finally the Reegeul. Draught up to approx. 1.00 m. Always consult the most recent depth tables and sea charts, the Wadden Sea West and East Bulletin.

The most recent depth tables

Because the depth in the fairways changes constantly, new depth tables are published several times a year.

Marine radio channels in the Wadden area (Ameland)

  • Channel 27: Ameland Traffic Control Centre
  • Channel 31: Ameland Jachthaven
  • Channel 10: Ameland Ferries
  • Channel 11: Harlingen Port Authority
  • Channel 5: Schiermonnikoog Traffic Control

Shipping and weather reports 30 min. after each even hour

  • Channel 2: Brandaris Traffic Control

Listening-in mandatory when approaching Terschelling and Vlieland

Weather and shipping reports 30 min. after each odd hour

  • Channel 4: Central Wadden Sea Reporting Station

Reporting pollution, missing fairway markings, disruptions to nature, and information on the weather and the Wadden Sea.

  • Channels 23 and 83: Den Helder Coastguard Centre

Weather reports at 8:05, 13:05, 19:05 and 23:05

  • Channel 16: Coastguard Centre


Motorboot magazine published an interesting article on how to sail the inland waterways to the Ameland and/or Schiermonnikoog Wadden ports.

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