Safely and responsibly to

the Wadden Sea harbours

Waddenhaven Texel
Waddenhaven Vlieland
Waddenhaven Terschelling
Waddenhaven Ameland
Waddenhaven Schiermonnikoog

Stichting Jachthavens Waddeneilanden

The Stichting Jachthavens Waddeneilanden (Wadden islands marina association) is the partnership of the five marinas on the Wadden Islands. We work alongside authorities and organisations for boating recreation and nature conservation, to ensure safe marinas with sufficient moorings and a high quality of stay. But also that you may sail safely and responsibly on the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site, enjoying the unique Wadden Sea nature to the full without disturbing it.

Hence this website and the WADDEN SEA SAILING GUIDE.

The board consists of the chairmen of the five marinas on the islands.

You can email us at

Blauwe Balg


Bar-tailed Godwit


Here you can read how the cooperation with nature organisations and governments came about.

A code of conduct has been developed for drone pilots by the ‘Programma Rijke Waddenzee’ and can be downloaded here.

Also see ‘Ik pas op het Wad’ for more information and backgrounds.


The website of the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site contains lots of information about the unique nature of the Wadden Sea.




The Wadden Sea World Heritage Site is a unique nature reserve.

Nature and the tides make sailing on the Wadden Sea (Waddenzee) World Heritage Site a real experience. The Wadden Sea is also vitally important for many birds, fish and mammals. They need the ability to look for food undisturbed, to rest, to breed and to raise their young.

Sailing safely and responsibly on the Wadden Sea with respect for nature.

That’s why the WADDEN SEA SAILING GUIDE has been developed – the Code of Honour for sailing safely and responsibly on the Wadden Sea and for enjoying it without disturbing nature.
Click here for this SAILING GUIDE and print it out for on-board use.

The partnership of the Wadden ports on the islands. Read more...

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